Preschool Ministry Online!

We can't forget about our babies!  Every Sunday there will be a new Preschool Sunday School lesson for our little ones at TCC with age-appropriate lessons and songs that go along with what the older kids and adults are learning. 

Sunday Worship Service

While we look forward to getting back to our regular kids’ ministry routines, we do not currently have a date set for our tots to be back in their own classes.  Although it can be intimidating to have children in service with you, we welcome and support families worshiping together!

Don’t worry about your kids being perfect during family worship! We know and expect services to be a little noisier, the floors to be a little messier, and for worship to be a little more, well, exciting with kids present. Please don’t stress about this - especially if you have toddlers and preschoolers. We love you and want to see you and your kids!

Your kids might have questions about WHY we do certain things in church! Here are some simple, straightforward explanations you can share with them.