What is the music like?

Worship is an exciting and valuable part of our morning services. Our band and praise team strive to keep up with current musical trends while paying homage to the classics. With three different worship leaders, you are sure to get a dynamic and diverse musical experience. 

Where do I take my kids?

TCC has developed fantastic programs for kids from birth all the way up to high school. Upon entering the sanctuary, an usher or greeter would be more than willing to guide you to the area where your child can participate. Click either Kids Central or Leading Edge Youth Ministries for more information. 

What Do I Wear?

Tracy Community Church is proud to be a multi-cultural congregation. Many who attend were brought up in different environments, so whether you are used to wearing your "Sunday best" or dressing more casually, you will feel right at home at TCC.

What We Believe

The story of the Bible is one of redemption. We reject and run from God - And God loves, pursues, and adopts us as his sons and daughters. In his plan of redemption, God sent Jesus to die a brutal death for our sins and defeat death through resurrection. 


Jesus calls qualified people to lead his church. These people lead their families well, have a record of serving Jesus well both in the church and in everyday life, have a thorough knowledge of the Bible and a mature Christian walk, and have a good reputation both in and out of the church. 

7 Hills We Die On

As a church, we believe that if something is worth living for, it is worth dying for. We realize we can't do everything, but what we, as a community, are called by God to do, we try and do with excellence. The 7 Hills We Die On are applications of biblical truth expressed through the unique personality of TCC. 


There can be all kinds of questions when checking out a church. Here are some helpful answers to some questions we are frequently asked.