The Forgiveness App

In sports, a " game changer" is a player whose efforts can make the difference between a win or a loss. In relationships, forgiveness can be a game changer on whether a relationship ends well or not. Today's life app focuses on the power of forgiveness to change the game in our relationships.

The Trust App

When someone lets you down- can you choose to believe the best or are you for forced to assume the worst? In this message- we’re reminded that we have the power to choose our reaction – and the response we choose may make all the difference in our relationships.

The Confession App

At some point in time- confession became a private practice used only to relieve our conscience... but that may not be the way confession is presented in the Bible... In this message- we want to look at confession- and what the bible says about us- confessing to others - not just to God...

Compelling love...

All children - that's you and me - long for the approval of their parents ... especially their fathers. It's a longing that never goes away. It gets buried or transferred to other relationships, but it's there. And we underestimate its power. Every parent wants to be approved by his or her child - to be a hero, to hear, "when I grow up I want to be just like you." As that desire grows, so does a parent's insecurity. Buried beneath the hurt, disappointment, distance, or silence is a desire to be connected to our children and our fathers. It lasts a lifetime.

Common cause...

When it comes to family, the only thing we all have in common is conflict. Family conflict is like no other because when you win an argument in your family, you don't really win anything. The conflict is never fully resolved. What if there was a way to resolve family conflict by dealing with it at its source?

Ideally speaking...

When the ideal is hard to attain, it's tempting to just lower the bar and redefine the ideal. This can be especially true when it comes to Jesus' teachings about family, which many of us have already fallen short of. Today we want to look at, why aiming for God's ideal is still worth it, even when our reality makes reaching it impossible.

Evil Eye

Have you ever seen someone give the "evil eye." You know, it's that look that says, "I'm not thinking happy thoughts right now." Jesus let us know that the most evil eye can be the one you're looking through right now! In today's message, we will examine Jesus' shocking statement about how we need to deal with our "evil eye."


Why would Jesus, a rabbi, call a fisherman? Especially one that He knew would deny Him, turn his back on Him. And why would Jesus, after all of this, redeem this fisherman and still choose to use him to build His church?

The Rich Young Ruler

In Jesus' time, being rich was seen as a sign of God's favor and blessing. A rich man felt assured of his place in God's kingdom. Jesus shocked everyone when he said, "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God." This morning, we'll take a look at exactly what Jesus meant when he said this and how we can apply it to our lives today.

Today in Paradise

As a criminal dying on a cross, taking his last breaths on earth, Jesus looks at the man and says some of the most shocking, grace-filled words in all of history: "Today, you will be with me in Paradise."  Really?!  He deserves to die and receive his due penalty for his sins, doesn't he?

The Shocking Realization

"You don't want to leave me too, do you?"  Some of the shocking statements of Jesus made being His follower challenging.  Today we'll hear a statement that those gathered to hear Jesus simply didn't understand.  But maybe, more important than the statement, was the reaction of His disciples.  In the face of trial - temptation or transition - do we want to leave Jesus too?

What Does It Mean To Be Born Again?

How many of us, if we were honest, could explain what it means to someone who doesn't know?  If a friend, co-worker, neighbor asked, "What does it mean to be born again?" How would you respond? When the phrase first left Jesus' mouth it was something yet completely unheard of; it was astounding to his listeners. So while we may have heard this phrase a hundred times, do we really understand what it means?

The Clear Line Between Love and Hate

There can be a thin line between love and hate... like when your child screams, "I hate you!", then a few hours later snuggles up to you for TV and a bowl of ice cream. But as today's shocking statement reveals, Jesus drew a very clear line between love and hate - one profound enough to be a prerequisite for true discipleship.