Psalm 112 tells us that we will live a life with no fear of bad news. Is that really possible? It is difficult to live our lives at peace when it seems like good news is hard to come by. How do we live in peace and keep moving forward when it seems like life just keeps beating us down? This morning we will look at the life of Caleb and how he lived his life believing the good report from God instead of living his life based on the news he received. There is a big difference!


Have you ever dealt with insecurity? If so, you know that insecurity wants to be your master and cause you to respond to life in an unhealthy fashion. When Joshua faced a great challenge, he too dealt with insecurity. But like Joshua, we have a Big God that can help us overcome our insecurities and live as we ought.

Moses and Pharaoh

Today we're going to look at a very familiar story for us---it's the story of Moses and a guy we know as Pharaoh...And I believe that God wants to teach us something new even in the midst of something old... God wants to teach us something unfamiliar in what feels like very familiar territory for most of us...and from this story each of us would be inspired to let God use our life for whatever purposes He might have for us...