Jesus is Coming!

What's getting you down? Maybe it's the reality show known as the presidential race. Maybe it's the growing tension between minorities and law enforcement. Maybe it's terrorism, both here and abroad. 

However crazy this world may seem, believers must not fall into despair. We need to encourage one another in this undeniable truth - Jesus is coming! Today, we conclude our Summer Series by looking at this great hope of the Church.


Jesus is Our Healer

Jesus asked two blind guys a question: "Do you believe I am able to do this?" Today: Take whatever massive challenge that you're facing - a relational challenge, a physical challenge, a financial challenge, a spiritual challenge. Do you believe that God is able to hear your prayer, and answer on your behalf? Do you believe that all things are possible with God? Do you believe He is able? If we are being honest that's a good question!

Jesus is with you

In the last few minutes on planet earth, what is Jesus going to say to us? Of all the things He could tell us, what is He going to say? And essentially His last sentence on the planet is: "I am with you always, even to the very end..."

Jesus is Our Hope

You hardly need to turn on the TV to hear of another tragic even happening in our nation or somewhere around the world. We live in a world that is in desperate need of hope. This morning, we'll examine the one and only source of true hope: Jesus Christ.

Jesus is a Friend of Sinners

In our social setting, many times before there is acceptance there needs to be some adherence to some type of code or conduct. Relationally and socially this is how most of us function whether we want to admit it or not. Jesus was different. Jesus befriended sinners. Because of this many people were upset because Jesus was messing up the social structure. But as we see in the life of a "sinner" named Zacchaeus, one meal with Jesus will change everything. What the law could never accomplish, Jesus does in a moment.

Jesus is the Amen

Revelation 3:14 reveals Jesus as "the Amen." So is He just a word to be repeated, or added to the end of our prayers? Today we'll look at the meaning behind this power-packed word and how it relates to Christ. We'll see that He is so much more than just a commonly used phrase. He is everything!

Jesus Is Your Life

What defines your life? Some might say, "Music is my life." Others joke, "Sports are my life." For the Christ-follower, it's imperative that Jesus be the focus of your life. Today, we are going to explore what this means and how a believer can make Jesus the center of life.

Jesus is God

Today is just an introduction - no heavy application... but I do want to explore three questions that I hope we can answer... First question: Who is Jesus? Second question: Where was (or was there) Jesus before Bethlehem? If there was a Jesus then: What was He doing? What was He doing before He was born?