The Colors of Christmas- Red

Red is one of the dominate colors that we see during the Christmas season... We see it in things from-Christmas wrapping paper- to Christmas clothes... But unfortunately red can represent things like---anxiety- stress and anger- especially as we try to navigate through the holiday season...but the angel told the shepherds on that first Christmas morning- 'I bring you- good news- that will cause great joy for all the people...' So how do we find the joy this Christmas?

The Colors of Christmas- Blue

For a lot of people if they had to pick one color to describe their feelings towards the Christmas season- they would probably pick the color blue...and most likely they wished they didn't feel that way--and all they really want- is just to be hopeful- joyful- full of good cheer...yet the only reason we have hope is because of Immanuel- God with us--the presence of God is with us--and that's what we celebrate- that's what we cling to through every blue season of life.