Led by the Beesos & McLeods

We are here to help support families. If you are a mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandparent, married or single parent raising children this group is for you.
June 7th &  June 21st

July Break with Social opportunities
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Led by Jeff & Beth Miller

We have a high value for encountering God and His presence, relating as family, the word of God, testimonies about his goodness, and prayer.  We touch on these values most weeks. At the same time, we attempt to move through the meetings sensing the Holy Spirit’s direction for the week.
Wednesday nights

Led by Ron & Peggy McMahan

Meets two times a month on a Saturday and and Friday. Locations and times vary.
Next Meeting:
June 16th at La Villa 11:30a
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Ron McMahan

Led by Dale Dailey & Bob Huddleston

There is a culture war in America. The battleground is your home. This Study will be for Men to come together and strengthen their walk.
Meets 6:30p-8:00p
June 14th

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Led by Janet Parks

Out of high school? In college? Young Professional? If you are in the age range of 18-25 come connect! Join our Young Adult group every Monday night at 7p. We gather to fellowship, study the Word, have fun and do life together.
June  Events/dates:
June 5th: Bible Study
June 8th: Spin
June 10th: Beach Day
June 12th: Bible Study & Communion 
June 16th: TCC Worship Night
June 19th: Ice Cream & Fellowship
June 21st: Service Day @ WVCA & Coffee
June 21st: Thrifting & Worship at the Rock 
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Led by Laura O'brien

Next Gathering June 23
West Valley Bowl at 6p
Are you single (unmarried, divorced or widowed) who is looking for fellowship with others like you? This is an environment where single adults can embrace the season of single-hood and understand the unique opportunity we have for spiritual and personal growth, and total commitment to God. We plan to worship, pray, study the Word, and encourage one another to walk out this life as a single and become one with Christ as we develop new friendships. Our Kick-off will include dinner.
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