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We're keeping our children's ministry going!  Every Sunday we will provide our weekly Make It Stick worksheet.  Click the "Parent Resources" button for quick access to all things TCC Kids related.

BreakAway Kids Camp
July 20-24

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What TCC Kids looks like
after COVID-19...

The central focus of TCC kids is to bring their relationship closer to Jesus on their own terms.  We hope that through our fun activities and lessons children will experience the hope that Jesus brings while having fun doing so.  Come along as we sing, dance, color and learn about Jesus!

Sunday Mornings

Kids Church is available at our 9 AM and 10:45 AM services.  We welcome students between Kindergarten and 5th grade to join us for our fun filled lessons. We meet in the West Valley Christian Academy gymnasium, which is right next door the the Tracy Community Church Sanctuary.

Kids Club

Every Wednesday at 7 PM we meet in the TCC Choir room.  We sing, dance, do crafts & learn about our Creator, Jesus!  It's a fun time of laughing and playing all while learning about God.  We hope you can join us!

VBS Offering 2019

This year our kids at VBS took an offering that would help out our friends, Ron and Donna Mueller, in Angola, Africa.  They have a project that helps orphans go to school.  In order for these children in Angola to go to school they must purchase a smock, backpack and other basic supplies.  It costs Ron and Donna $25.00/child to outfit them with these necessary supplies.

We recently received a letter from Ron and Donna about what they were able to do with the offering we gave them!

Hi Pastor Mitch,
We had a good turnout on Saturday. Over 40 orphans. With the money you sent, we’ll be able to pay for all 40 kids tuition for the next year. We also provided lunch, sign up sheets to pay their tuition, registration for the next outreach & follow up. 4 of the kids gave their hearts to the Lord on Saturday. We still have some of the funds left, which we will carry over to the next outreach.
Thank you again!
Ron & Donna